Have you ever needed to select all of the same type of object in your drawing but needed to filter out certain properties, and felt like you were in the middle of a game of “Where’s Waldo?” One of the best features to be added into the AutoCAD core product in AutoCAD 2011 comes from the Subscription Advantage Pack from last year was the advanced capabilities of the new Select Similar tool enables you to select an object and automatically include all other objects of the same type and with the same properties, in a new selection set. And one of the best things about it is you can use it on the fly and it is less time consuming than Filter or Quick Select commands. You can access it from the right‐click menu when objects are selected.

Select Similar tool

A Settings option (accessible when you enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command line) enables you to specify which properties to filter. If only the Layer property is enabled when you select a circle, for example, AutoCAD automatically selects all circles on the same layer as the one you selected. If both the
Layer and Linetype properties are enabled, however, AutoCAD selects only the circles on the same layer
and with the same linetype as the selected one.

Select Similar Settings dialog box

The Select Similar tool also enables you to select more than one object and create the matching selection set accordingly. For example, if the Layer filter is enabled and you select two circles, each on
different layers, AutoCAD selects all the circles on both layers. If, instead, you select a circle and a line,
AutoCAD selects all the circles on the same layer as the selected circle and all the lines on the same layer
as the selected line. In addition to general object properties, you can filter selections based on objectspecific properties, including object style and reference name. Object Style properties apply to text and mtext, leaders and mleaders, dimensions and tolerances, and tables and multilines. Reference names apply to blocks and externally referenced files, including xrefs and images as well as PDF, DWG™, or DGN files.

In addition to the new Select Similar tool, a new option has been added to the PICKADD system variable. When PICKADD is set to a value of 2 (as it is now by default), objects that you select using the SELECT command remain selected in a “pick first” state even after you end the SELECT command.

Easily select overlapping objects using the new selection cycling functionality. You can enable selection cycling from a control on the Status bar. When you try to select an object that overlaps other objects, AutoCAD displays a list of all the overlapping objects. Notice as you pass the cursor over an object in the list, the relevant object in the drawing highlights.

Selection cycling tool

As you see that selecting objects are much more intuitive in AutoCAD 2011, and should speed up your production and editing time drastically. Until next BLOG thank you for your time.