Several years ago, the New Mexico Department of Transportation made a statewide transition to Autodesk software, which is no small feat for any organization. New software training, assisting with templates and workflows and implementation of LiDAR technology that was acquired with drones and scanning was put into place by ATG Industry Specialists. ATG spent two years focusing on Civil 3D on-site fundamentals and work-flow training with the NMDOT civil engineer teams.

In Their Own Words

ATG’s Industry Specialists trained the CAD Support team and individual NMDOT staff, helping them to overcome specific challenges that came from each district office. These training sessions consisted of working directly with the drafters and engineers on work-flows and training for software fundamentals. ATG was able to work on implementing real solutions and practical training from inside NMDOT to help maintain their high standards of technical leadership. With drones and scanning technologies becoming more prevalent in Civil projects, several team members needed to learn how to utilize LiDAR and imagery into their everyday processes. Rob Bigelow, ATG Infrastructure Industry Specialist, was key to helping integrate various Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, Computer Aided Design (CAD) data and Building Information Management (BIM) data. This trusted relationship has even led to a training and work-flow collaboration utilizing Autodesk InfraWorks on the I-25 Montgomery BLVD Interchange in Albuquerque.

Why ATG?

“By collaborating with all of the teams involved, this project allowed us to transition our relationship into a partnership. We gained trust from all of the districts and regional offices that grew into a trusted advisor role throughout the organization. With the help of Silas Salazar, CAD Manager at NMDOT, we’ve been able to implement access to online training for every CAD user at NMDOT. This was one of the goals Silas wanted to accomplish before he retired.” -James Foster, Account Executive, ATG.

“By collaborating with all of the teams involved, this project allowed us to transition our relationship to a partnership. ”
James Foster

Strategic Account Executive ATG

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