Structure modeling has, until recently, been out of reach for construction and engineering professionals who are taking advantage of drone technology on the job site. ATG partner 3DR announced recently a new flight mode for it’s highly successful Solo that should be able to effectively handle structural modeling.


Site Scan Field is a perimeter scan designed to capture building facades and vertical structures. While the workflow is pretty simple – select the area you need to cover, Site Scan generates the flight plan, and away it goes flying at 3 different altitudes with a number of different gimbal angles  – your resulting point clouds will allow you to accurately depict taller structures and multi-story buildings.


Perimeter scans can be used effectively to collect volume data on construction stockpiles and do more accurate scans of dams and power lines. This first-of-its-kind technology in the drone industry is changing the way construction and engineering professionals utilize drones on the worksite.