This year, I’ve seen the greatest number of additions and improvements across all of the AEC products compared to past releases.


Clash Detection Enhancements

The tool that may be valued the most in Navisworks Manage sees great improvement to support our project review cycle process.  No longer do we have to create a separate Excel spreadsheet and update it
manually to track each clash and record its responsible party.  We now have an effective and editable HTML report that can be loaded in Excel and shared with the team quickly.  Assignments can be made
immediately for each clash while performing the review to populate this spreadsheet report.


Improved Revit Interoperability

The Switchback function now operates with Revit products to allow a more immediate review cycle with in-process review model updates.  New construction modeling capability in the revit products will also
come across in Navisworks, as well as, properties of areas and volumes, and linked files.


New Appearance Profiler

This new tool allows custom overrides for color and transparency to better differentiate systems and components in your models.


Multisheet 2D DWF support and Project Browser

2D documentation can be loaded into a new project browser to aid easier navigation and wayfinding.


Navisworks Freedom Adds Measuring Tools

Are you having team members who don’t own Navisworks Manage participate by using Navisworks Freedom?  Freedom now adds the capability for dimensioning and gathering area calculations, not just model
navigation and review.


There will be more to come as we explore other new features and enhancements with this great review and management tool.


Please join us April 20th, for our Virtual Launch showing many of the Autodesk 2012 product releases.  Just click the link provided below.  Hope to see you there.