New application releases sometimes change what we are used to seeing in our display windows.  Somewhere along the line we forgot that we changed what was originally the default, or something new in the software has been added, or maybe, we simply never used the feature before.  In Navisworks 2012, some new avatars have been added and the display, at least on all of our machines show the third-person avatar mode by default.  Certainly a little annoying if you do not use these much or at all.  Don’t forget about the Options dialog for we can turn this off as “our default” if we like.  Do so by opening the Options dialog from the Application drop-down menu.  Choose Viewpoint Defaults under Interface and select the Settings button under collision.  Here you can deselect Enable for Third Person so that he/she won’t appear when starting a new project.  Of course you can select which avatar to use when starting a project as well.


Another possible bother is the orbiting of your view.  If you’re like me – old school – I use the Shift+mouse wheel to orbit in my model views for all products.  When I do this in a fresh, new Navisworks project I get unwanted results.  Even though, again, there are Options dialog settings, I like to hit PgUp after loading the first file (Navisworks zoom extents) and then my orbit method works as desired.