Meet the Team- Zachary Barker & Steve Rush


 Meet the Team- Zachary Barker & Steve Rush 


This week’s Meet the Team Monday is especially exciting because we get to hear from one of our employees in our Team Augmentation department, and one of our newly acquired employees in Arizona who works in sales. Read on to find out what invaluable skills they are bringing to the table for all ATG clients. Zachary Barker, AEC Team Augmentation Specialist, ATG Headquarters.  Zachary has a mechanical engineering degree from Arkansas Tech University and worked at ATG since graduating. He has greatly enjoyed learning about the AEC space and finding where he can contribute most to the team at ATG. How long have you worked for ATG/CADsoft Consulting? I have worked for ATG for 8 months now. I started in March of this year as a contract hire through Aerotek. I worked through my six month contact and was offered a full time position at the end. How has ATG helped you in your career development?  I feel as though ATG has helped me get my foot in the door and allowed me to prove myself. I am developing valuable skills working here and I’m excited about where the future may take me. What do you like most about working for ATG?  I like that the work is challenging for me, I can be a bit of a perfectionist at time, and when it comes to modeling that can be a good thing. I also like that the projects are never the same. One week I may be working on an office building, and the next week I may be working on an apartment building. I find it interesting to be able to say I took part in a project that it taking place somewhere in the US outside of where I live. Summarize how your department works with customers to meet their AEC needs.  I work in the Team Augmentation department. We help customers by providing them with an efficient means to solving some of their service related problems. If they are pressed for time, and have too much work to complete before a deadline, that is where my team comes in. What kind of good things do you see in the future for ATG?   I see ATG moving in a good direction. We strive to be the best in the industry and have a road map to get there. It is encouraging to me to see such ambitious leaders in the company. I see the services department developing out to the point that we will have to have a few project managers in order to make sure all of the projects coming in will keep to a timely schedule. I’m excited to see the growth of this company, but also that I am part of it.   Steve Rush, Account Executive, ATG West Steve has been in quite a few roles during his time with ATG West/CADsoft Consulting. He started with the company as an Account Manager assisting firms in the AEC industry and did that for over 4 years. After that, he was the Professional Services Manager and helped identify areas and solutions where the company could really become a closer partner with clients by leveraging a team of industry experts. The next position he took was Sales Enablement and Operations Manager where he was able to work with the sales teams to help them better understand their clients and their industry as well as improve our internal systems. This lead to his next role as Sales Manager where he became much more involved in working with the sales team. He recently moved into his latest role as an Account Executive and enjoys getting to talk to and visit so many clients once again. How long have you worked for ATG West/CADsoft Consulting?  This last October marked 10 awesome years. What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller?  Just like any business relationship, it comes down to trust and integrity. Do what you should, not what you can. The goal should be to create long lasting relationships with our clients and to be someone they look forward to talking versus avoiding you. In addition, our team is expected to be industry experts, so continuous development of our team will always be critical. How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG?  I have always felt that if your main focus is to just make your clients more successful, that will lead to you being successful yourself. In addition, I try to be the most responsive person my clients have ever worked with. When your client needs help, you have to make that your top priority and do whatever it takes to get your client whatever they need immediately. ATG heavily enforces this same type of thinking and I believe that this is pretty unique in today’s hectic world. What do you like most about working for ATG? I really enjoy when we are able to partner with our clients and assist with their projects and then see the project come to life during construction. Then, it is really cool to be driving around town and see all these beautiful buildings that I was involved with one way or another. Even though I didn’t design or build it myself, it is still rewarding to be a part of the team that did it. What are you most excited about with ATG acquiring CADsoft?  Initially, I was just excited that everyone at CADsoft still had their job. As I got to know the expanded leadership team, I quickly became proud to be part of the new, larger company. ATG is full of quality people and it is clear that the success of their employees and the success of their clients comes before anything else.   Contact Zachary or Steve today at 1-800-935-4894 to learn more about how they can assist you with of your AEC needs.   Autodesk and the Autodesk logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.          

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