Meet the Team- Justin DeVore and Shane McLain 



Justin DeVore and Shane McLain are our two spotlighted employees in this week’s Meet the Team Monday. Justin is a technical specialist, and Shane is a team augmentation specialist. Both have vital roles at ATG that help meet all of our customer’s needs in a way that is unique to ATG.

Justin DeVore, Technical Specialist, ATG West 

Justin worked as a Designer for a Civil Engineering company for over 9 years, and then on a survey field crew for almost three years. His main role during his time at CADsoft Consulting was support. He has been transitioning into a Technical Specialist over the past few months. Justin acquired his UAS pilot license over a year ago, and recently has been diving deeper into Reality Capture technologies. Soon, he will be working on his certifications to become an instructor.

How long have you worked for CADsoft Consulting/ATG West? 

February will be four years.

What does your day-to-day role at ATG look like? 

I function in several different roles at ATG. I do some support, some local IT, some research, some testing, support calls, sales rep meetings, trouble-shooting contact Autodesk, etc.

What do you like most about working for ATG? 

I really like being in the position to learn about new and exciting technologies. Being in a position to understand our client’s workflows and really teaming up together to apply these technologies into their projects.

How do you help customers? 

Networking solutions and server related items, deployment creation, installations, and registrations.

How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG? 

I enjoy understanding and breaking down new technology and sharing that knowledge with others. A lot of times our customers are busy going from one project to the next, so having someone who has studied the new technologies break it down and share my experience has been very valuable to customers.

What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller? 

It’s all about assisting the clients in many different ways and understanding their business.

What are you most excited about with ATG acquiring CADsoft? 

Being part of a large company again. Merging two successful businesses and getting to bounce ideas off more internal resources has been very exciting.

What kind of value can our customers look forward to seeing you bring to ATG from CADsoft? 

I feel like I leave a good impression that I like to learn and share what I’ve learned.

What strengths do you see members from your office bringing to the other office? 

There is a lot of work and field experience in both offices. Also, with our regional differences, it is great to see how similar different sides of the country operate. On the same token, it has been fun seeing the differences between the regions as well.


Shane McLain, Team Augmentation Specialist, ATG Headquarters 

I am a proud Army Vet. I obtained an Associate’s Degree in General Studies at ASUB as well as an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design Technology at ITT. I’ve worked for Gate Precast Concrete as a Draftsman where I honed my skills in Revit and AutoCAD. After leaving Gate, I began assisting at Schelle Architect where I drafted everything from Architectural, Electrical, Structural, Plumbing and everything in between. At Bob Schelle’s Architectural firm, everything was done in-house so I was given a comprehensive learning experience in the field. The focus at this firm was with government contracts with military bases including but not limited to: remodeling and/or repurposing housing and office spaces within existing buildings. Additionally, I was asked to create a building within Revit that would eventually be a senior center in Lonoke, Arkansas.

How long have you worked for ATG Headquarters?

I’ve worked in the Team Augmentation Department since February of this year.

What are the most pressing issues facing your customers?

Customer’s that require Team Augmentation services generally need a project to be finished very quickly, accurately, and as efficiently as possible. They need this done for many reasons such as getting behind on deadlines or unforeseen obstacles that keep them from completing all of the tasks they are charged with. I think our team performs that task very well and helps create lasting relationships.

How do you help with these issues?

We have a great knowledge and experience collective and what an individual doesn’t know, someone on our team will have the answer to provide so we can move forward and get the job done. Customers of varying needs and backgrounds can be sure that we can handle any job regardless of type and size. Another way we help is by keeping strong lines of communication open to make sure the projects move forward as if we were working with them in their office. We like to think of ourselves as an extended arm for our customers; never taking their hands off the pulse of their projects.

How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG? 

Communication is key. A customer needs to be updated daily and kept in the loop as to the progress of their project and we maintain a constant line of communication to make sure they have everything they need before, during, and long after we have provided them the services they require.

What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller? 

A reseller of any kind needs to give the customer the attention they are paying for and deserve. After all, they aren’t just an Autodesk customer, they are ours. We always want to maintain a high level of expertise and knowledge so having the best products in our fields as well as having proficiency to carry out any tasks that lay before us within those products, makes us the leaders in our field. Our customers can always count on that every time they call for assistance.

How has ATG helped you in your career development? 

I have expressed interest in being a certified Drone Operator here at ATG Corporate and I am currently studying for the test. Additionally, we have access to all of the best teaching software for this industry and I am learning more about my craft daily. There is no where I would rather be to continue working at the top of my field.

What do you like most about working for ATG? 

I like the people and personalities I work with daily most of all. Everyone I work with (and for), have such sunny dispositions that I get a good feeling coming to work every day. I also really enjoy working on different types of projects. Every day is a different type of work which gives me a unique perspective on my role in this field. Some people go to work and do the same job day-in and day-out, but I never know what my role will be most days until I get settled in to my desk and check my emails in the morning. I love that.


Contact Justin or Shane today at 1-800-935-4894 to learn more about how they can assist you with of your AEC needs.


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