Meet the Team- Cole Anderson & Lisa Trowbridge


 Meet the Team- Cole Anderson & Lisa Trowbridge 

  Welcome to this week’s edition of Meet the Team Monday. This week, we would like to introduce you to ATG Headquarters Account Executive, Cole Anderson, and ATG West Government Solutions Consultant, Lisa Trowbridge. We want to give you the ability to hear from them and their thoughts on their varying roles at both ATG offices. Read below to learn more about what excites them about working for ATG and what our new acquisition means for all of our customers. Cole Anderson, Account Executive, ATG Headquarters Cole graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2015. He worked in Fayetteville, Arkansas for two years before moving to Little Rock to work for ATG Headquarters. It is nice to be back closer to my hometown and family. How long have you worked for ATG? A year and a half. How has your job evolved since joining ATG?  It has constantly been evolving alongside Autodesk and ATG’s growth as an Autodesk reseller. What started out as simply checking in on customers, has turned into working with them very closely to ensure they are getting the right product or service for their needs. What are the most pressing issues currently facing your customers? I strive everyday to make sure my customers understand the differences between new purchasing models and product packages that are outlined in everything we sell. How do you help them with these issues?  I break down exactly what they have and use that to show what each option means for them. By personalizing the message, I am able to ensure they are fit with the best information. How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG? I make sure that every time I reach out to a customer, they are given some form of beneficial information. I want our customers to gain something from every conversation we have so that they are never caught off guard by changes or new events in the market. What is the key to maintain a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller?  Continued communication on both ends. I will always reach out to our customers to make sure they are up to speed on all new updates at ATG and Autodesk. I always welcome as many questions as possible from customers as well. I like to keep a running tab on all of my customer’s projects so that we can be there to help in any way they need. How has ATG helped in your career development?  Working at ATG has taught me so much about maintaining and growing business relationships. Whether it’s making sure my customers are getting the absolute best service in the Autodesk industry, or always being prepared for the work they do, you can count on ATG.   Lisa Trowbridge, Government Solutions Consultant, ATG West  Lisa has been married for over four years to her husband Pete. Together they have three children. She has a degree in Psychology in Business. Lisa grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Arizona four years ago. Lisa has over twenty years of customer service experience and over fourteen years working in the Autodesk channel. She has worked for CADsoft Consulting for almost eight years. Her experience has been in commercial sales for most of her career. She has been on the Government team since the beginning of 2017. How long have you worked for CADsoft? Almost eight years. What positive changes do you see CADsoft bringing to the ATG team? An experienced and dedicated sales and technical team who take pride in providing the best customer service possible. Additionally, we will work hard to build long last relationships with all of our combined customers. What are the most pressing issues facing your customers? Transitioning to term based licensing from the perpetual Government model. How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG?  Outgoing and professional attitudes shine through to our customers. My customers, present, and new, commercial and government, know they can always come to me and I will get them what they need. What most excites you about the acquisition of ATG by CADsoft?  Being able to bring together the best of both companies by joining forces.   Contact Cole or Lisa at 1-800-935-4894 today to learn more about how they can assist you with all of your AEC needs.   Autodesk and the Autodesk logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.          

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