Meet the Team- Aaron Chapman & Samantha Thompson


Welcome to the first Monday in November Meet the Team. This week we are spotlighting Aaron Chapman, ATG Headquarters Account Executive, and Samantha Thompson, ATG West Account Executive. Let’s hear what they have to say about helping their customers reach all of their AEC goals.

Samantha Thompson, Account Executive. ATG West

Samantha’s background is in finance. I believe this brings an increased value to the companies I work with because I am able to show how ATG can increase the amount of work they win and the ROI of their software.

How long have you worked for ATG/CADsoft Consulting?

I have worked for ATG West/CADsoft for a little over a year. I started in October of 2016.

What are the most pressing issues currently facing your customers?

The most pressing issue my customers face are completing jobs on time and under budget.

How do you help with these issues? 

I am able to help my customers by providing them with new technology and services that help them achieve this more frequently.

What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller?

The key to maintaining relationships with my customers is listening to the challenges they are facing and helping them solve these challenges.

How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG? 

I make myself available to my clients at their convenience. I usually respond to email inquiries after hours, on weekend and even on holidays, because, sometimes, this is when they need help the most. Often, the help I am able to provide to them doesn’t cost them anything, which is something very unique to ATG.

What are you most excited about with ATG acquiring CADsoft? 

The most exciting part of the acquisition has been the increase in our core competencies. We are now able to support all of our customers in ways we were not able to before.


Aaron Chapman, Account Executive, ATG Headquarters 

Aaron’s family moved to Central Arkansas from Northern Louisiana when he was a young child. He studied innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Central Arkansas and proceeded to work in the up-and-coming mobile healthcare field serving Arkansas’ senior citizens all over the state. Aaron made the move to ATG USA in 2017 after three years of dedicated work in healthcare. In his free time, Aaron loves spending time with his wife and two young sons.

How long have you worked for ATG?

Going on 7 months.

What are the most pressing issues facing your customers? 

I would have to say the most pressing issues are the challenges of meeting the demands and deadlines set by their clients and recruiting/hiring the talent they need to get there.

How do you help with these issues? 

I focus on asking relevant questions and listening closely to really understand the issues before recommending solutions.

What do you like most about working for ATG?

We are all focused on the same goal; Solving real challenges for Architects, Engineers and Contractors. ATG is very well aligned and anyone running a successful business understands the importance of alignment.

Summarize how your department works with customers to meet their AEC needs. 

As Account Executive, we focus on keeping our customers up-to-date on industry and technology changes that affect their businesses as well as providing solutions to real challenges.

What are you most excited about with ATG acquiring CADsoft? 

ATG and its customers now have access to the additional brain power from the industry experts at CADsoft. We have more resources to scale up to customer demand for services.


Contact Aaron or Samantha today at 1-800-935-4894 to learn more about how they can assist you with of your AEC needs.


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