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With the recent acquisition of CADsoft Consulting in Phoenix, our services and technical support are now expanding their reach. This means we are merging all team members from ATG West, and ATG Headquarters to produce a more perfect company. This is a very exciting time to for us, and you, our valued customer because of the amazing opportunity to provide you with even more ways to meet your AEC needs. Today, we would like to start a series of employee spotlights by introducing you to team members from both offices, starting with our Inside Sale Managers, Ethan Schlechte and Don Kapetanovic.

Ethan Schlechte, Inside Sales Manager, ATG Headquarters
Ethan joined ATG USA in 2014 and is the Inside Sales Manager for ATG USA Headquarters in our North Little Rock office. He is passionate about connecting his customers to the best Autodesk solutions for their AEC needs.

How long have you worked for ATG?

Three years.

How has your job evolved since joining ATG USA?

I started at ATG as an Account Manager. Through the skilled leadership and strategic sales training I’ve sat under during my time here, I’ve since been promoted to Inside Sales Manager. This has been a time of tremendous growth for me because it’s given me the opportunity to connect with our customers on a deeper level. For me, my job doesn’t end with selling customers the right software. Selling is the starting point. On a daily basis, it is my top priority to ensure customers have access to the most up-to-date technical support, and identify workflows that will make them more efficient. It has been extremely rewarding to help customers receive the most out of their technological investments.

What are the most pressing issues currently facing your customers?

Time and money. This will never change. Anyone who has ever worked in the AEC industry knows how crucial it is to complete a project on time. Competitive environments affect every area of this line of work. The costs of assets and operations are increasingly scrutinized. Architects and engineers are recognized for their ability to translate requirements into solutions that demonstrate higher productivity. ATG not only helps provide these solutions, but we help enhance brand value and higher levels of customer satisfaction through our vast range of Autodesk products.

How do you help them with these issues?

Diligence on the solutions we provide and the fit that will be unique to each customer. We have numerous solutions that we can provide but the key is selecting the appropriate one that matters. We only know this by truly engaging our customer on a deeper level than just selling software to them.

How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG USA?

We offer a dedicated team for each part of our customer’s business. This includes Technical Support, Project Assistance, Customer Services, and an attentive Account Representative standing by to assist you with anything you need. Every solution keeps our customers billable. From our on-demand solutions to on-site assistance, our flexibility has proven to be paramount to our customer’s success.

What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller?

Accountability, transparency, and relationship building.

How has ATG USA helped you in your career development?

I was blessed to be given an opportunity to come work for ATG right out of college. I was able to combine my set of skills, with the knowledge I have learned from the numerous resources ATG has provided me with. This has evolved into the position I sit in today. I have been in the trenches of the sales team and now I get to see the company from a management perspective. I now have a deep respect for both parts of the engine that keeps this company moving forward. I am very grateful to be able to grow with our new friends in Phoenix.


Don Kapetanovic, Inside Sales Manager ATG West

Don has served as Inside Sales Manager of what was previously CADsoft Consulting for the last 14 years. Don’s a key contact for just about every client at ATG West. Simply put, he makes sure that clients will be highly productive with their new systems, achieving a big return on their investments. He’s part of the conversation from the beginning, to understand the client’s needs so he can help design the correct implementation plan, logistics, and training. He pulls together the best team for each client. He ensures that every facet of the organization is ready to support the customer’s success and he stays involved to bring in mentors and new tools to help each client improve their ability to respond to changing market needs over time. He also manages a team of account managers, ensuring that they have the time and resources they need to best help clients succeed.

How long have you worked for ATG West/CADsoft Consulting?

Fourteen years.

How has your job evolved?

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work even closer with the sales team to help customers achieve their desired outcomes through my management position. I assist the ongoing effort of managing existing customer relationships and responding to sales related inquiries, so the sales team can focus on generating new business.

What are the most pressing issues currently facing your customers?

Time and quality technical resources. Too many companies neglect their greatest customer experience asset: engaged employees. ATG West is dedicated to providing superior customer service to help assist all customers in meeting their timelines and providing quality technical resources.

How do you help them with these issues?

I strive daily to understand every customer’s individual business needs and provide them with the solutions that keep them productive, whether it’s Team Augmentation, to project mentoring and training. When you work with me, you’ll quickly appreciate the depth of industry experience and how much I care about helping people and seeing companies thrive.

How do you provide assistance to your customers in a way that is unique to ATG West?

Our teams have the right now, right here attitude. We can scale immediately on all fronts; Sales, Technical and Support. We make doing business easy! We help customers Achieve their Outcomes!

What is the key to maintaining a successful relationship as an Autodesk reseller?

Being available when you need us and always continuing to provide value. It’s clear that availability, responsiveness, and personalization are our top priorities when you work with ATG West. We make this known from our very first interactions.

How has ATG USA helped you in your career development?

I have earned more responsibility. I have managed different teams and am now viewed as a coach and mentor. I am dedicated and strive to help others achieve their goals, ensuring their success.


Please contact Ethan or Don today at 1-800-935-4894 to learn more about how they can help meet your Autodesk needs.


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