McKinstry is a national leader in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining high-performing buildings. From new construction and ongoing operations, to adaptive reuse, energy retrofits and advanced renewable energy systems, McKinstry provides a single point of accountability across the entire building life cycle. With fifteen offices across the U.S. and two large CAD departments, broken into an engineering group and detailing group, upgrading to the right modeling hardware was an important decision that required research and several evaluations in 2018.

 In Their Own Words

“We met Buck Davis, Director of Technology at BIMBOX, at a conference. We knew we needed to upgrade our CAD hardware
and wanted something outside of our paradigm,” said Matt Allen, Director of Construction Technology at McKinstry. “We were receiving a lot of feedback from our detailers about the need to reduce downtime and consistent crashes. We took the initiative to run our own business case and test case through our I.T. department. We looked at comparisons of three different models by separate companies and the choice was clear from our tenured staff that BIMBOX was able to deliver higher speed outputs. We started out with ten units and quickly bought five more because the feedback was so positive from our staff.”


“It was empowering for us to invest in our staff’s success. When it came down to it, it was honestly a no-brainer. Buck is always there to answer any industry questions we have. Having the hardware personalized with our logos was a great touch that only took three weeks. The best benefit from a management perspective has been the pride we’ve taken to invest in the best tools in the business for our staff,” said Matt.

“It was empowering for us to invest in our staff’s success. When it came down to it, it was honestly a no-brainer.”

Matt Allen

Director of Construction Technology, McKinstry

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