Have you ever wanted to see where the exact outside perimeter of a paper space viewport is in relation to model space? Well I am going to show you how to generate a polyline using the Boundary command in Layout that transfer itself to the representing area in Model space.

Here’s how…

While you are in layout (paper) use the BOUNDARY command (Alias: BO) set to polyline; pick inside the viewport. [This will create a polyline around the perimeter, of the viewport; especially useful if you have custom complex shapes with some curves].
Now, using the Express tool CHSPACE, when it prompts you to select objects, type L (for Last) OR you could manually select the polyline that was just created.
This will move it through the corresponding viewport into the model environment. Now when you go into model space (TILEMODE 1) you will have the exact same shape that is sized appropriately to the viewport scale and position over the same area as the viewport display.

It’s a fast and easy way to know exactly where the edges of the viewport are in relation.

(*Note: you can NOT do multiple Viewports at the same time, because the transfer location and scale is based off the selected viewport, if you need more than one viewport done? Then you will need to do them separately.)
Also: Remember to have the viewports’ scale correctly set before creating the polyline, to ensure correct size… AND remember to place new boundary polyline(s) on the same layer as your Viewports or on a separate layer that doesn’t plot.

TIP: Also remember that the Boundary command with work in either environment (model/paper) so if you need to generate a polyline in an enclosed area regardless of how many separate objects it takes to close it… Then the Boundary command is your friend!!!
This is Isaac and once again, thanks for your time.