Getting Inventor content into Revit just got simpler from this tool in the Autodesk Labs.

In case Inventor and Revit users didn’t know this, the work flow process using Shrinkwrap feature in Inventor got a big boost with the release from Autodesk Labs with a download called Inventor Simplification. It’s free technology review that offers better control of what to keep or remove from the Inventor model to export.

Recently I had a opportunity to spend two days with a sub contractor who needs to build their own content because manufactures just don’t build content enough for the AEC industry for Revit families. However the sub contractor wanted to protect their intellectual property (IP). They did mention that they have Inventor and I was reminded that Inventors Shrinkwrap feature will get detailed Inventor down to a smaller model for Revit families.

But now I should be paying more attention to Autodesk Lab, this preview is a perfect example of paying attention to what users need and getting it out for them to try. Many Inventor users requested better  interactive tools and more flexibility in creating exported models for inclusion in Revit.

Inventor Simplification Technology preview

 Autodesk Blog In Inventor Simplification

Take a look and try this out with your content and do your customers a favor by getting more pruduct you designed  out to Revit.