2018.1 product updates have started rolling out from Autodesk. This week we are looking at the new features integrated into the Infraworks 2018.1 release.

New: Linear Feature Extraction

Now, in InfraWorks it is possible to extract linear features from point clouds to create breaklines, paint stripes, and more. In addition, with the Automatic option, pick two points on a feature in the point cloud, and InfraWorks will find and follow the line for you – in 3D of course!  Also, this new capability introduces the new Linear Feature object to InfraWorks.

New: Parts Editor

The new Parts Editor in InfraWorks allows for the management of pipe and structure libraries as well as the creation of custom parts.  Modify out-of-the box parts to create different size variations, or even create new custom parts with Inventor and export them using a free Inventor plug-in that installs with InfraWorks.

New: Parametric Components

Now, InfraWorks users can benefit from almost limitless configurations for bridge rails, barriers, and more. What’s more, road decorations can now be added using parametric models.  Users can even create their own parametric models in Inventor and make them part of their component road designs.

The following features are seeing extended functionality in the new release, including: quantities, labels, and linear features.

The latest release of InfraWorks makes it possible to select multiple roads and calculate earthwork and material quantities on all of them, at once. And, if you want to calculate quantities for a certain area of your roadway project? Yes you can in the update.  You can even calculate quantities for particular areas of interest such as a parcel, right of way, or easement.

The ability to control the appearance of labels using Views is another enhancement in this latest release of InfraWorks. Labels are now automatically displayed (or not) depending on the current View of your project – conceptual or engineering. Oh, should you so choose, labels can be turned on or off within a View. Finally, we’re also improving clarity when stations are labeled along the road and the automatic labeling of key bridge dimensions whenever you select a bridge or bridge component.

And finally, this latest release also delivers advanced tools to create and modify breaklines and other linear features – including cross section views for linear features from point clouds. Then linear features, vertical features, and ground grid can be exported for use in Civil 3D where a more accurate representation of existing conditions can be established for use in your design project.

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