by Leah Lauderdale
ATG Marketing Specialist

The Oroville Dam crisis gripped the nation earlier this year with fears of rising water and the stress on the structure of the dam itself. Fear of a dam rupture was very real for the 188,000 people who were forced to evacuate their homes.

Situations like the crisis at Oroville Dam and flooding in our home state of Arkansas has shed some much needed light on the deterioration of our own levee and dam infrastructure system.

Record rainfall in Arkansas in late April caused roughly $21 million dollars in damages after nine levees in Randolph County failed. Three of the nine levees that fail were considered major events.

This not only directly affected the people who live in the flooded areas, but will trickle down the economic chain and indirectly affect most of the nation, said Dr. Jarrod Hardke. Dr. Hardke is an Agronomist with the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Office. In an article on, he estimated that roughly 100,000 planted acres of Arkansas rice crops were lost during this flood event.

Angel Espinoza with recreated the problems at Oroville Dam in Infraworks. The renderings he produced are astonishing. Using InfraWorks in the early stages of the disaster could have better prepared the authorities to handle this crisis. Software like InfraWorks allows engineers and authorities to be proactive, not reactive.

Does your infrastructure planning software allow you to be proactive instead of reactive? Does it give you the ability to plan around what could often become worst case scenarios like the issues faced at Oroville Dam? New features in InfraWorks preliminary design software help enhance detailed road design tasks, improve design decisions, and advance component-based bridge design and point cloud processing.

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