Important Autodesk User Management Changes

Important Autodesk User Management Changes

ATG Senior Tier 1 Technical Support Specialist Angela shares vital information about Autodesk User Management changes in the following blog.

Autodesk is in the process of switching clients who are on term based single-user subscriptions over to a new type of activation method, where users “sign in” instead of putting in a “serial number”. We have been informed that all clients will be converted to this new activation type eventually. The main change being made is where and how you manage your end user assignments.

Licenses with the new activation type of “sign in” are assigned on the new user management pages “by user” and/or “by product”, whereas the older “serial number” licenses are still assigned in the “classic user management page”. I find the “by user” page to be more intuitive and much more like the “classic user management” that is used for assigning licenses with the older activation type of “serial number”.

Some clients have a mix of “sign in” and “serial number” licenses. Clients with “by user”, “by product” and “classic user management” listed under user management have licenses with both types of activation methods. Clients with just “user management” have all “serial number” licenses. Clients with just “by user” and “by product” have all “sign in” licenses.

Here are the ways that you can tell if your single user, aka standalone license, has a “sign in” or a “serial number” activation method:  

  • In the contract manager’s Autodesk account under “contracts”, expand the contract(s) with the “<” button, and then look under activation for a serial number or the words “sign in”
  • In the contract manager’s Autodesk account, if the product is available to be assigned on the “by user” page, then it is a sign in license. If the product is available to be assigned on the “classic user management” aka “user management” page, then it is a serial number license
  • In the end user’s Autodesk account (after they have been assigned) under “all products and services”, locate the product/contract and click “<” to show more, then look under “activation” for a serial number or the words “sign in”

Here are instructions on how to assign the new “Sign In” Licenses:

  • Go to https://manage.autodesk.com and sign in using the contract manager’s email address
  • Click “by user”, which is under user management on the left
  • Observe the “teams” drop down at the top. Some clients have multiple teams, but many only have one “team”. Please select the appropriate team if you have multiple teams in the drop down. Any users listed on the “by user” page with a black cube icon in their square have a product assigned. You can see what each user is assigned to by clicking in the square with their name
  • To unassign a license, click on the user who is currently assigned, and uncheck all of the boxes next to any products they do not use. Note – The contract manager is assigned as the end user by default on all new licenses, so you may have to remove it from the contract manager first
  • If the new user is not in the list of users yet, click “add” towards the top of the “by user” page to add a new user (follow the formatting listed on the page), and then click “send invite”. If they are in the list then proceed to the next step
  • When you see the user in the list on “by user”, just click their name to get to the assignment screen, and then check the boxes next to the software you want to give them access to

About managing Autodesk admins for each license type:

  • Autodesk resellers are able to update the primary admin aka contact manager for all types of licenses. This is the person who has the master level access and manages the renewals.
  • There is a software coordinator aka secondary admin role available that has all of the technical functions available as well. Resellers are only able to update that role for the older “serial number” licenses though. We are unable to add or change “secondary admins” for “sign in” licenses. The only person who can do that now is the contract manager aka primary admin. The good news is that clients can now have as many secondary admins as they want for new “sign in” licenses, which people have been requesting for a long time.

Here are instructions on how to assign “Secondary Admins” for “Sign in” licenses:

  • Go to https://manage.autodesk.com and sign in using the contract manager’s email address
  • Click “by user”, which is under user management on the left
  • Make sure that you are managing the right “team” using the drop down at the top. Many clients only have one “team” in the drop down, but larger clients may have multiple “teams”
  • If the additional admin is already in the list of users on the “by user” page, just click on their square and proceed to the next step below. If the additional admin is not in the list of users yet, click on “add” towards the top of the “by user” (follow the formatting listed on the page), and then click “send invite”
  • Once you have clicked the square for the new admin from the “by user” page, just choose “secondary admin” in the drop down that says “user” by default, and that is it.

Unfortunately, ATG has no control over or visibility on when each client will receive these updates. We did ask Autodesk if it is possible for clients to request it on their own timeframe or at renewal time, but we were told that is not possible. The system will push these changes through a few accounts at a time until they are all converted.

Here are some helpful links on the Autodesk website, with step the step instructions and more information (and videos, in some cases). If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please let us know. If you are a current client of ATG, you can request technical support by calling 1-888-615-0677 or emailing to: support@atgusa.com.

Add users in the new view:


Remove users in Autodesk Account:


Assign users to products in the new view:


Manage Teams in Autodesk account (allows admins more control over groups of licenses, to help keep track of who is using what and assign secondary admins based on separate offices or groups):


Assign Secondary Admins:


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