Implementing a New Platform for Construction

Learn how Eckardt Group utilizes Autodesk Build.

The Challenge

Eckardt Group was founded in 1936 and has been recognized as one of the top electrical contractors in Georgia for the past 80 years. The main challenge EG faced was integrating all data from the BIM side into Autodesk Build and learning how to use Build as their new construction software. They also needed a way to ensure their teams were staying up to date with new features and using the technology to its full capacity.

Project Goals


Integrate all data from the BIM side


Find a comprehensive solution that connects all data


Leverage and take data to the field


Eckardt Group meets frequently with Autodesk and ATG to continue implementing the platform. Ashley Williams, Operations Coordinator at EG, handles the implementation process: “Now that I’m in this role, I’ve been able to get a better understanding of how it works and what Eckardt needs. I’ve focused on cleaning up things that are already in place, introducing the team to features as I learn about them and running the system.” Ashley is new to her role and the construction industry, but has prior experience in field services, operations and support.

Business Outcomes

Eckardt Group is currently utilizing Autodesk Build to support the field, house projects and track progress, make schedules, control documents and more. “We definitely like a lot of the features that come with Build, especially how you can separate documents from the field and office and view on your phone, website or tablet,” said Ashley. While Eckardt is currently using only Autodesk Build, they plan to begin implementing Autodesk Takeoff in February 2022.

“Autodesk Build is a versatile tool – everything from support to tracking costs – and there are a ton of different ways you can use it, which is what I like. The people we have out in the field have enjoyed using it to access information in real time and we are excited about all the additional features that we are continuing to learn about and add to our setup. I would definitely recommend Autodesk Build to those out in the field and construction industry.”

Ashley Williams

Operations Coordinator

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