#askATG: The next big thing in Construction

You may have noticed that ATG likes to talk about Drones. We are seeing industry shifts toward Drone technology and it’s capabilities. And yes, while we like to fly Drones (who doesn’t really?), we are more invested in showing our business partners how the 3DR Solo Scan drone and Autodesk software combination can save them time and money. Jeff Link’s article on Redshift regarding Drones being the next big thing in the Construction space mentions:  

“Increasing numbers of construction companies and civil and environmental engineering consultancies are turning to drones to capture rich aerial data and generate detailed—and financially valuable—3D models of earthwork and building sites.

According to Celender, the types of projects that can be performed using drones run the gamut, from creating volumetric maps of material stockpiles for large mining companies to inspecting natural-gas processing plants and identifying the boundaries of protected wetlands.

Construction safety is another powerful case for using drones, says Hunter Cole, who is part of the Virtual Design and Construction team at general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie. ‘Reality capture gives teams a new perspective to see every detail of a site in its current state and from a remote location. We can plan workflows and develop safety and site logistics plans that identify high-traffic areas, crane clearances, and areas where material will move in and out,’ Cole says.”

  What are your thoughts this next shift? We want to hear from you. Jump to the article and share your thoughts on Drones in Construction on our LinkedIn page.

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