How to Quickly Load and Export Revit Families
New to CTC tools? You’re in the right place. CTC tools are a better way to complete the workflows you do every day. From exporting and loading families to processing projects and more, there are so many tedious and time-consuming tasks that you can streamline, saving valuable time throughout your day. 

Family Exporter

Picture this: you need to save your Revit families out of your project, so you navigate your local folders and dump everything into one. Your families are unorganized, you have stuff that you don’t need and you can’t search by category, leaving your folder a hot mess.  

Family Exporter, a free tool in BIM Batch Suite, provides a way to quickly export families from your Revit project. You no longer need to select your families one-by-one and save them in an unorganized, non-searchable folder. You can use robust filtering tools to find families by manufacturer, name, property or criteria, then select those individual families for exporting. Even better, Family Exporter allows you to group your families while exporting them and will automatically sort them into groups of folders. 

Family Loader

When you correct or update an old standard, it often requires reloading a family or series of families into multiple projects. You open each project one by one, reload families, and then babysit the program the entire time. This manual process is tedious and has a lot of room for human error.

Family Loader, another free tool in the BIM Batch Suite, automates the process of loading or reloading families into projects. You can select one or more project files or even an entire folder tree of project files to load families. Once this tool is open, you can select the projects or families you want to load or reload.

Outside of the basic update and load options, you can also select to “only reload families that exist in each host file” or “load all families into all host files.” Selecting the first option will scan all selected projects and check for the first family. If that family exists, then it will reload. If not, it will skip that family until it finds an existing.

Selecting the second option, “load all families into all host files,” will load all families in selected projects randomly, whether they exist or not. You may use this if you want all the same families in selected projects. Once you click the Load Families button, you don’t have to babysit the loading process. Instead, you can walk away and come back when it’s done or work on something else.

If you select the Current Document option instead of selecting different project files to reload families, it will reload families in the file that’s currently open and give you the option to select the group of families to update.
If I ever need help with a tool, you can navigate to the help and video section for tutorials on how to use it. 


Before these tools, I spent hours exporting families from the project. Even after exporting I still needed to sort and organize them. Now I can do that work in minutes with the Family Exporter. With the Family Loader tool, now I don’t have to babysit the family loading process and look for errors – the tool does it all for me! The best part? Both tools are included free with the BIM Batch Suite free trial, so you get to keep it after the trial ends.

Do more for your workflows with CTC Tools for Revit!

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