Whether you need to label a single drawing or several drawings at once, the Label Genie tool from CIM Project Suite can save you a lot of time and do anything from station and offsets to surface contours, callouts with leaders and more. The best part? You can save your custom labels to use on future projects. Here’s how to use it. 

Label Genie can be found in the CIM Project Suite ribbon in the Labeling panel.

Click to open the dialog box.


In the Drawings section (upper left), you’ll notice a check box to label your current drawing or include additional drawings and your Xrefs. 


In the Layouts section (lower left), you’ll notice that you can choose between labeling in model space, specific layouts and even specific viewports.


In the Labels section (right column), you’ll notice the following: 

  • Label Template – load previously saved Labels and/or create your own
  • Label Type – specify what label type you want to use
  • Anchor Object – anchor to Civil 3D objects
  • Object Counts – the further refinement of Civil 3D objects
  • Anchor Point – anchor point to Origin/Insertion point, Centroid, or Vertices
  • Required Object – additional filters can be found here (IE. Layers, object description, sites, etc.)

How to Save a Custom Label Template

Once you have your label type and anchor location and all your settings are in order, you can save that as a Label Template. To do so, pull down the box for Label Templates and select <New File>

You will then name your file and save it with your other Label Genie (.lg) files. Feel free to use a naming convention that works for you. It will list them in alphabetical order so in this example we have 101, 102, etc. to begin and a short description to round out the file name.

Justin DeVore

Sr. Civil Technical Specialist

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