One of the things I really like about Civil 3D in recent years is the ability to add apps to it. Yes, I said apps! For those familiar with I-pad and Android apps, Civil 3D gives users the ability to search for and then install apps to work inside of Civil 3D. This is really cool stuff. Much like the apps from the I-Store and Google Play, the apps that can be added to Civil 3D range from being free to having a small cost for them. How do you access these apps, you ask? Very simple……..very easy.

From within Civil 3D, go to the “Featured Apps” tab and click on “Connect to Exchange”. This will bring you out to the Autodesk Exchange Apps website where you can start to search for different apps to install. In my example, I am going to type in “profile” in the search area at the top of the webpage and hit the enter key as seen below.


This search will yield some apps for me to look at. Scrolling towards the bottom of the list, I can see one called “Copy, Raise/Lower Profile” as shown in the image below.


Wow! Just the name tells me what this thing can do! For a measly $2.00, I can have a routine that will automate the process of copying a Civil 3D profile, then raising or lowering it as needed. This will eliminate the mundane work around of copying a profile, exploding it so I can offset it, joining the pieces, etc etc. Continue looking through and you will see that there are other apps than can be useful as well. Just another collection of tools that can be added to Civil 3D.