Top 5 Ways Autodesk Construction Cloud Can Help You Build Better, Together

Gain access to pure construction intelligence

With the push to share data, connect processes and collaborate more effectively, Construction is transforming into a more complex, technology-driven process. These shifts are pushing the industry to keep the entire project team informed through design, planning, construction and operation, allowing data created during design and construction to be usable at handover. 


Connected Construction: A Better Way to Build, Together

As the traditional construction process continues to fall behind, technology is becoming a requirement for modern construction. With the push to have common data environments, connected processes and better collaboration, how can we shift the construction process to keep up with these trends?

You’ll accomplish:

  • Analyze trends in traditional vs. modern construction processes
  • Understand the benefit of connected data in Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Evaluate the project lifecycle + determine how Autodesk Construction Cloud enhances collaboration

A better way to build starts with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects the project lifecycle, improving project and business outcomes from cost and quality to safety and schedules. And the bonus? It can do all this while also improving project win rates and securing more business to keep your workflows moving. 

1. Avoid expensive errors. 

Collaboration between project teams and stakeholders continues to be a challenge that introduces cost, delay, rework and risk to projects. Autodesk Construction Cloud provides reliable and timely reporting, simplified subcontractor qualification and improved model coordination and takeoff accuracy to keep your team connected. With a better-connected team, you can reduce costly errors and ensure projects stay financially healthy. 

2. See problems before they happen. 

Contractors can gain essential project insights by searching for patterns across the project data portfolio. This information can be used to identify early signs of stress, optimize cash flow and even prevent overestimation in bids. With this increased visibility, problems can be identified early in the project lifecycle so they can be addressed before leading to an expensive cost, delay, rework or risk. Automated machine learning and AI algorithms analyze critical project data to identify important trends and risk factors, allowing builders to mitigate that risk before it happens. 

3. Promote confident decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Data is a key factor that determines your ability to collaborate with stakeholders and can provide the foundation you need to drive better business outcomes. Using connected data helps to avoid the risk of separated data and miscommunication. Autodesk Construction Cloud is built on a common data environment that connects critical project documentation and data. While connected data provides helpful insight into the project lifecycle, you need your data to work harder. Autodesk Construction Cloud transforms data into something you can act upon, helping you identify, quantify and mitigate risk. 

4. Deliver high-quality project outcomes.

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects the entire project lifecycle, which opens the gates to construction data. This grants every stakeholder the ability to maximize outcomes. Optimized schedule durations allow teams to correctly allocate and plan resources like labor and materials for project scheduling. With technology and off-site construction, contractors can reduce the time on-site labor is exposed to hazards. Autodesk Construction Cloud provides better outcomes to reduce cost, increase quality, improve safety, optimize scheduling and win more business. 

5. Maintain project integrity from design to operation.

Connected Construction is the future – a future where insights are cycled from operations back to architects, engineers, builders and owners. The Autodesk Construction Cloud connects each project team from design to turnover on one construction software solution. 


Architects, engineers and project teams can use integrated tools to transform designs from concept to a detailed set of documents that can be coordinated in real time.


Use one collaboration platform to connect teams to the industry’s largest online network of builders and get a risk analysis to set up for a successful project.


Optimize cost, schedule, quality and safety + remove siloes with supported technology and workflows to transform project data into usable information.


Connect BIM asset data for all teams on one connected platform, giving owners visibility into project statuses, changes and challenges to predict project outcomes.

The Future = Connected Construction

As the future of building depends more on technology and changing building and infrastructure needs, the importance of staying connected in construction will only increase. Autodesk Construction Cloud supports teams at every stage of construction on one platform, making it easy to sync your workflows, teams and data.

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