HIVE LT Now Available!

Manually distributing out-of-the-box (OOTB) Revit® content for multiple Revit versions to all of your Revit users can be challenging. With HIVE LT™, you will never need to distribute OOTB content again. All Revit content is available at your fingertips, and a growing list of manufacturers distributing their content in HIVE means users can have a consistent, single source for all public content for FREE!

BIM managers always have full control of user access to public libraries. This way, users never experience the ‘wild west’ of content searches as they may today with current internet searching for Revit content.

Do you want to host your internal corporate content in the same place, in the same way and at the same time? HIVE LT makes it easy to upgrade to a full HIVE license, which allows you to host all your corporate content.

Download the free trial of HIVE today! Once the trial ends, your account will convert to HIVE LT automatically.

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