Customer Challenge

J.L. Thompson Design Group is a residential design firm that creates custom house plans and 3D designs using Revit and Enscape. As a small firm, sending employees for training was not an option to maintain production levels and project delivery. “We’re only a company of four people, so if I send someone off to training for several days, that’s 25% of my workforce,” said Jason Thompson, Owner of J.L. Thompson Design.

Project Goals

  1. Implement an easy, accessible and inexpensive way to train employees
  2. Increase productivity by increasing software knowledge
  3. Offer continued education for employees in Revit with convenience in mind


“Back in 1998, we were trying to learn another program that offered a video series on VCR tapes. You could put the tape in, watch it, rewind it and watch it again. That’s the convenience that Global eTraining provides, but modernized. The ability to pick up training on an as-needed basis is a massive help in the real world. When ATG started including their Global eTraining library for free [to all ATG Autodesk subscribers], it was a big deal for my company,” said Jason.

Business Outcomes

With new hires and the switch to a newer Revit version, the J.L. Thompson Design team can learn about new Revit features without the need to take off from the regular workday. “All training is categorized, and my employees can go back and review anything they have trouble with – it’s brilliant,” said Jason. “I had a new employee with no Architecture experience using Global eTraining. He discovered useful workflows we weren’t using that we started to implement in our company.”

“Global eTraining is what my company has used for years now and it has done very well as a training solution for my team. Training on an as-needed basis allows us to focus more on production, which has been a huge help to train every employee.”

Jason Thompson

Owner, JL Thompson Design Group

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