GIS and How It Helps the AEC Industry


Esri recently released the ArcGIS AEC Collection, which was designed to provide better collaboration with the AEC industry. Specifically, this collection works with Autodesk InfraWorks®, Revit® and Civil 3D® and provides users the ability to more simply create, manage, visualize and share your project data.

Geographic Information System is defined as the framework for gathering, managing and analyzing data. GIS integrates many types of data, analyzing spatial location and organization layers of info into maps. And until the 1960s, maps were produced and used for either navigation or resource inventory.

GIS’s early roots can be traced back to a movement that involved attempts to improve the land use planning by considering multiple environmental factors. This tedious and time-consuming method involved overlaying maps on light tables and tracing suitable or unsuitable areas onto a new map.

In 1963, Roger Tomlinson worked to create and develop the Canada Geographic Information System, which became the first computerized GIS in the world. The end of the decade saw Jack Dangermond and his wife found the Environmental Systems Researching Institute, or what we call modern-day Esri.

To say we’ve come a long way would be an understatement.

With the location intelligence of ArcGIS, designers and engineers can design smarter, more efficient infrastructure. This helps to understand the impacts to the environment, collect and analyze data and improve communication. Using GIS technology can also minimize costs for critical design decisions. GIS helps with planning, process and operation.

ArcGIS sits at the heart of what Esri does. Check out this Case Study from Seneca Resources on the advantages the GIS platform gives them from any location, anytime: https://youtu.be/DHmarn0zXBw

Try the ArcGIS AEC Collections for free for 30 days. Follow the and scroll to the bottom of the page for the sign-up box:


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