#FridayFun: Inside the mind of a LEGO Master Model Builder

by Jamie Moody Marketing Director   It’s Friday, ya’ll. In honor of Friday and because we posted about LEGO tape last week, it only felt right to continue the LEGO conversation this Friday. After all, Friday’s are for fun. So today, we want to introduce you to Veronica Watson, a 23-year-old LEGO Master Model Builder. After graduating from New York University with a degree in Architecture & Urban Design, she landed what might the dream job of being one of seven LEGO Master Model Builders. In North America. Talk about girl power. You graduated with a degree in architecture. How has this influenced your work with LEGO? There is definitely a big crossover between architecture and LEGO. Ironically, I don’t typically build architecture-themed models. But in school, I spent a lot of time analyzing buildings to determine their time periods or specific, important aspects of movement. When I’m building with LEGO, it’s a similar thought process. Because I’m trying to represent something, I have to look at the object and really zero in on what are the most essential elements of it. Then I can represent the most important parts because I can’t re-create every aspect of it.” Veronica has modeled things like a replica of the Women’s U.S. Open trophy (complete with a tiny, victorious Serena Williams figure) to a very realistic model of Picasso’s famed Guernica work. So often when we talk about the Future of Design we focus solely on the traditional business forms of what we think that phrase means, when really, we should keep our eye on the ball and remember that the Future of Design is fun. It’s meant to Inspire. It’s meant to inspire Imagination and Play. It’s meant to help us all rediscover the kid in us all so we can build a creative future where anything is possible and we’re only limited by our capacity to dream. You can read more about Veronica and the Future of Design on the jump. ATG was built by and is moving forward with a company full of Future of Design dreamers. We’re always on the look out for dreamers who want to embrace the work and share in the fun. Does this sound like you? If it does, shoot us your resume.    

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