Ignoring digitization is quickly becoming not an option for the Construction industry. At the highest level, embracing digitization is about staying ahead of the curve and the competition by adopting new technologies and adapting quickly.

Kevin Sartori explores the use of UAVs to capture existing site conditions and how the use of drones will make this process faster and cheaper in 2017 and beyond. He also explores discusses the integration of Cloud and BIM into the Construction space in what he’s calling the Era of Communication where information is at the center of every project, process and decision.

“The ability of UAVs to quickly and easily capture existing site conditions and share them into current workflows is the missing link in this information loop. With data captured by UAVs, the field team can send information back to the office. This not only makes sure everyone stays on the same page and has access to the same information, but also brings the teams closer together.”

ATG has conducted a series of webinars since December 2016 discussing the integration of Drones into a project workflow for both the Construction side and the Building side. If you’ve missed a webinar and have not received the link, shoot an email to ATG Marketing Director Jamie Moody requesting the video link.

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