Download Project Files Before BIM 360 Extended Trial Expires on June 30, 2020

Hello Readers,

This blog/information is important for anyone who is using a free BIM 360 Design trial site. As you know, Autodesk provided extended free trials of BIM 360, to help companies continue to be productive during the COVID-19 crisis. However, this extended trial program is coming to an end on June 30, 2020. Here is what you need to know to ensure that you have enough time to prepare for this and that no data is lost.

During the trial period, clients can download their data from the BIM 360 site online or by using the Desktop Connector, which I will more provide details on below. Clients can convert their BIM 360 trial site to a paid site by purchasing a BIM 360 license from ATG up to 30 days after the trial expires. However, the day after the trial expires, the site will be taken offline, and you can no longer download your files for free. If the data is not downloaded before the site goes offline, the data will be lost unless you purchase a BIM 360 subscription within 30 days and convert the trial site to a paid site. This grace period ends on July 29, 2020.

To convert your trial account, you will need your Account ID which is in the BIM 360 site > Account Admin > Settings > View Account Id (bottom left corner). Please note that the Autodesk e-store does not support automatically converting your Program trial account into a paid account. A new BIM 360 Design account would need to be created, so please make sure you purchase through ATG, to ensure your trial site gets converted to a paid site. After that additional 30-day period, the account and data will be deleted completely.

Having said that, here is how you can quickly and easily download your data using (prior to the trial site expiring if you do not plan to purchase a BIM 360 license and convert your trial to a paid site).

Download Desktop Connector (Click link, input information, click get the ‘Desktop Connector’, then click ‘Download’ on the next page):

Install Desktop Connector (Open the file from the bottom of the browser or Windows File Explorer):

Open Desktop Connector if it is not already running (In the Windows Task Bar: Search for the program by name and click it and/or click the up arrow next to the time/date and locate the white Desktop Connector ‘A’ icon):

Sign into Desktop Connector with the BIM 360 Site Admin’s Autodesk login (In the Windows Task Bar: Click the up arrow next to the time/date, right click the white Desktop Connector ‘A’ icon then click “sign in” and follow the prompts on the screen):

Access your BIM 360 site via the Windows File Explorer to easily back up your data (Click on BIM 360, click on your BIM 360 site, and then copy/paste any files and/or folders you would like to back up):


To learn more about this transition and for FAQs, please refer to the Autodesk Extended Access Program transition guidance page here.

If you have any questions or if you would like assistance with this, please email us at marketing@atgusa.com or call 1.800.935.4894. We are happy to help!

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