Finally, the old interface is gone and we can now use the Ribbon in Navisworks!  I’m sure there are some of you who can’t stand the Ribbon, but I haven’t met anyone, yet, who does not welcome the face lift of Navisworks 2011 with open arms.  It takes some getting used to, but once you’ve been able to find all your favorite tools in their new home you can see how much easier it is to get to them.  One tool I use religiously is the Turntable tool.  For 2011 they put all of the navigation tools in a transparent bar on the right of the screen, but when I looked for the Turntable, I couldn’t find it, it’s not there.  It’s not even in the Ribbon.  I started to think they got rid of the tool altogether.  Then I found the answer I was looking for.  The Turntable functionality is disabled by default in 2011, or rather replaced with the AutoCAD-like Constrained Orbit.  To enable Turntable:

  1. Click the Application Button (Big ‘N’) > Options
  2. In the Options Editor dialog box expand Interface and click Navigation Bar
  3. In the Navigation Bar settings check the box next to “Use classic Constrained Orbit (Turntable)”

Now when you use the Constrained Orbit tool it will act like the Turntable.

Bob Eardley
Applications Engineer
CADsoft Consulting
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  1. Hmmm, “I haven’t met anyone, yet, who does not welcome the face lift of Navisworks 2011 with open arms”.
    I find this to be the complete opposite. I have visited well over 20 CAD Managers this year and not one of them are using the ribbon in both ACAD and Navis. The learning curve is long, the loss of screen realstate and more mouse clicks per task being the three biggest complaints I here. Personalty, as long as there are options or hacks, I will never use it.

    BTW Nice Site,

    Rob W

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