JB Henderson Construction, Inc., commemorated its 60th year in business in May 2019. Based in Albuquerque, the company has an extensive list of customers including national laboratories, universities, hospitals, and microelectronic customers; they also employ over 1,000 men and women skilled in the trades. Before partnering with ATG, JBH had never received personalized support for their BIM/Design department and they struggled with a large amount of downtime and information loss when upgrading to new software. ATG created a personalized solution for several of these issues and a direct result was that employees transitioned to new software sets seamlessly for the first time in the department’s history.

In Their Own Words

“Last year, we had 42 seats of the Autodesk AEC Collection that we purchased from ATG,” said Clint Schroeder, BIM Manager.  “We were required by our customer to update these seats in a very short period of time, which in the past has caused delays, information loss, as well as missed project deadlines. There simply is no allowance for our modelers to be non-productive at any time in this high-pressure environment.” James Foster, ATG Account Executive, offered assistance by bringing technical expertise on-site and working after hours to meet JBH’s needs. Schroeder stated, “When JBH purchased BIM 360, we quickly realized there was no solution for the process of adding QR codes to drawings. James utilized Technical Specialist Jay Ayala, who developed a custom procedure as an add-on to BIM 360 Field that would allow JBH to utilize QR Codes in spool tracking. Jay recorded the entire process for the JBH team and we are currently working to roll this out this summer for the company to begin utilizing. It should be a game changer.” Schroeder emphasized that James Foster’s assistance, experience, and utilization of technical expertise resulted in the resolution of both of these issues and greatly benefited the JBH BIM/Design Department.

Why ATG?

“We have worked with other resellers, and they never offered the kind of support and partnership we receive from ATG,” said Schroeder. “James and Jay coming on-site was awesome. We know James is here to help us when we need it. Other resellers don’t do that. ATG and JBH’s partnership brings value to the company that we couldn’t get anywhere else. I would always recommend ATG to companies that need personalized support and training.”

“We have worked with other resellers, and they have never offered the kind of support and partnership we receive from ATG.”

Clint Schroeder

BIM Manager, JB Henderson Construction Co., Inc.

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