Customer Success: How to Keep Track of Autodesk Usage

At ATG, your customer success representative is your advisor, which means they are a resource that can be used whenever you need them. Engaging with your CSR is an ongoing process – we don’t just focus on renewal time – feedback and collaboration are extremely important to ensure your success. As you work with your CSR, they’ll help you answer two questions related to your licensing: 

  1. Am I using my licenses in the most efficient manner? 
  2. How can I better manage my licenses? 

Optimize Your Licensing Model 

Autodesk offers basic seat usage views in their current format. Even at the basic level, working with your CSR can offer some valuable insights for your licensing. We can help determine if you are using your licenses to their fullest potential. Maybe there are certain products that are only used on certain days or maybe you need to determine how many users are in licensed seats? Working with your CSR to review these reports will allow for better budgeting and can even lead to some valuable savings at the time of renewal.

With the launch of premium, Autodesk has enhanced usage data and reporting. Instead of using the serial number to identify a user, data can now be seen at the user level. By listing your CSR as a secondary admin, that advisor role can be proactive. Your CSR can offer some solutions like Flex licensing or even suggest that you might be over-licensed and need to drop seats at renewal time. That sounds crazy! Your CSR telling you to spend less money?! As trusted advisors that’s what we are here to do. Regardless of the outcome for ATG, correct usage of seats is key to a successful partnership moving forward.

Keep Track of Autodesk Compliance

Along with tracking usage, it is important to understand if you are under-licensed. The move to one license per user and away from network has caused companies to reevaluate their license model. In turn, this has allowed Autodesk to develop an easier way to track users. With easier tracking comes the dreaded software audit that can happen due to a lack of knowledge about users and license-compliant seats. That’s where your CSR comes in. By identifying seats and users early, we can work together and ensure compliance, especially in a fast-paced growth environment where users are constantly being added and removed. Using your CSR and tracking usage can help avoid an uncomfortable audit.

Align Your Renewals

Your CSR is not just here to track usage and make suggestions on budgeting or user data – we also want to help you save time and organize your licenses in a way that benefits your business. That is where prorating and seat alignment come in handy. Regardless of the date or timing of your renewal, your CSR can get all your seats aligned to one standard contract expiration date. So next time you are trying to add all your contracts and typing dates and serial numbers in a spreadsheet, reach out to your CSR. We can take care of that for you! 

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