HIVE is an industry leading content management system developed specifically for the AEC industry. Firms are able to organize, manage, set permissions and ensure the latest content is kept up to date and available for all project participants, even when working remotely. Users are able to quickly find Revit, AutoCAD, PDF, images, and other file types quickly through the use of libraries, tags, favorites, and file metadata.

Common Challenges

  • Folders can be difficult to navigate
  • Folder structure does not display critical file details, tags or metadata
  • Distinguishing which content is appropriate for use in projects
  • Maintaining, updating and improving content libraries across departments and locations

Solution – Content Management

  • Sort, search and manage your design libraries for all of your design tools
  • Find content by tags, names, types and meta-data values
  • Easy administrative features to control access, permissions and structure
  • User friendly and intuitive interface works with hundreds of file types


  • Minimal infrastructure needed. Easy to install, configure and deploy
  • One centralized point of management. One solution for Autocad, MAX, Sketchup, Revit, Adobe and more
  • Enterprise level performance. Flexible and fair licensing. CTC service and support