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 AutoCAD Civil 3D Issues Resolution

Civil 3D is Slow, Crashes, or Locks Up

By Rob Bigelow, Infrastructure Industry Specialist, ATG West 


Civil 3D is Slow, Crashes, or Locks Up One of the most frustrating things for drafters and designers is when they run into performance issues with Civil 3D.  There are many system variables, hardware components, 3rd party software conflicts, and bad workflows that can cause these issues to happen inside Civil 3D – Way too many to document in this article – but let’s take a look at many of the troubleshooting techniques that are commonly used to diagnose these issues. Did You Try Turning it Off, and Then Back On? Yes, this oddly works for many of the issues.  Sometimes, all it takes to fix an issue is shutting Civil 3D down and then restart it.  And quite often, all it takes is to restart Windows.  Try the simple suggestion of restarting it first and you may be surprised how often it works. Process of Elimination When diagnosing any issue, it’s best to dissect the problem into the most likely culprits, rather than blindly start trying every single fix you read about online.  This article is meant to assist you in eliminating the most likely problems before moving to the next troubleshooting task. Steps to Work Through Step 1: Is it just you?  If you are the only one experiencing these issues on this drawing, it’s likely an isolated fix.  If that’s the case, SKIP onto Step 2.  However, if multiple users are seeing the same issue with that drawing file, it’s likely that it’s a corrupted file.  Try these steps next… Localize the problem – Use the ETRANSMIT command to save a copy of the file locally (along with the accompanying files).  If the problem goes away, it’s likely that it could have been a server related issue.  If not… Clean it up– Use PURGE command to clean out unused blocks, objects and entities in the drawing and then use the AUDIT command to repair any errors found in the file.  the “-PURGE” command (notice the dash) can be used for more targeted purging.  If the drawing can’t open at all, use the RECOVER command to fix the broken drawing. If problem is gone, drawing just needed cleaned up.  If not… Xrefs may be the culprit – First try detaching the xrefs, save the drawing as another filename, close it, and then reopen.  If issue is gone, then the problem lies in the xrefs.  Go back to the original drawing file that still has the xrefs attached or overlaid and use the RECOVERALL command to fix any errors attached to all those xrefs.  It’s also a good idea to go into those xrefs individually and use the PURGE command to clean them all out.  If the problem is still there… Try something new – Open a NEW drawing file, using your company’s DWT template, if you trust that you are in the proper template that has not been corrupted.  Otherwise, start a NEW drawing with the standard Civil 3D template file, should be located here: C:Users<username>AppDataLocalAutodeskC3D 2018enuTemplate.  Add the linework from the corrupted drawing into this NEW drawing and verify if it has the same issues.  If it doesn’t, then add the data shortcuts, and finally the xrefs.  If the problem is fixed, it was a corruption in the DWG file.  If not, then continue on to Step 2Step 2: The problem is all you – Ok, it’s probably nothing you did, but if it’s something that only you are experiencing, then try these steps… Switch Profiles – Either log into your computer with a fellow co-workers profile or have IT log into the Administrator profile and open the drawing file to see if the issue is still there under their profile.  If the problem is still there, then it could be a bad installation file or hardware issue.  This would be a good time to get IT involved since it’s a computer hardware issue, not just your profile.  However, if the drawing file is running good in the other profile, then go back to your profile and continue on… Clean your Temp files – Software can create a lot of temporary files on your system that can bog down your performance, especially AutoCAD software.  Use a program like CCLEANER (free version available) to remove the Temp files.  This simple clean up may fix the issue.  If not… Windows Updates? – You may need to restart your computer a few times but check for new updates.  If issue is still there… Autodesk Updates?  – Type “Autodesk Desktop App” in the Windows search bar, or go to the icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner.  Verify that the updates are current.  FYI, For Civil 3D users, you will also need to install the AutoCAD Updates along with the Civil 3D Updates.  Remember to work bottom up, installing oldest versions to newest.  Restart your computer when done installing all the updates and relaunch the software to see if issue is gone.  If it is, then the issue you had was likely updated in the latest Service Pack or Hotfix for the software.  If not… Maybe it’s the Video Card – In Civil 3D, type 3DCONFIG.  In the Graphics Performance dialog, turn OFF the Hardware Acceleration toggle.  Close the program and reopen to test if issue is gone.  If it is, then something with the hardware configuration was causing the error and you should talk with your IT department.  If the issue is still there… Performance Issues? – If you are using Civil 3D 2016 to Civil 3D 2017, there is an AutoCAD Civil 3D Performance Hotfix, located here https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Civil-3D-Performance-degradation.html.  Hopefully this fixed the issue, if not… Last ResortStart Over – When all else fails, you may have to do a CLEAN INSTALL.  This is considered a last resort because you will essentially remove any and all Autodesk related products and files from your hard drive and registry.  Here’s a great article from Autodesk on this process https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad-civil-3d/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/2017-Resolving-installation-issues-with-a-clean-install-of-AutoCAD-Civil-3D.html     Applied Technology Group is a Platinum Autodesk Business Partner. 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