In celebration of Independence, American grit and design

by Jamie Moody Marketing Team Lead | ATG USA   It’s not everyday that you find an article that actually perfectly fits what you’re looking for on a Friday morning. And it’s probably even more rare for that article to be a combination of patriotism and technology. However, as we find ourselves on the cusp of the celebration of America’s 241st year of independence, Seth Shay at Redshift has penned these inspired words that deserve a second or maybe even third reading:

Striving for improvement has been central to what makes design in the US so great and what has inspired craftsmen, manufacturers, and inventors to keep pushing for what’s best, biggest, next. Even in an age of cloud-enabled, computer-aided design solutions, American grit wins out. What was once an experiment in self-governance back in 1776—American democracy—deserves praise for its political acumen and capacity for continued improvement. It’s worth looking at the design lessons that can be drawn from the foresight of our forefathers. Striving for more equality, pushing creative boundaries, and creating constant mechanisms for improvement: whether in the field of politics or products, excellence has certain traits in common.

They’re certainly worth remembering. In celebration of the United States’ 241st anniversary of independence, the following stories reveal the different dimensions of American design—from improving civic engagement and restoring classic buildings to redefining and rebuilding the country’s manufacturing heritage. Shay continues the article by sharing seven stories that engage both democracy and design, proving time and time again, as he pointed out earlier, that American grit wins out. ATG USA will be closed on Tuesday, July 4 so that our staff can celebrate the American spirit of ingenuity and independence with our family and friends. We wish you all a safe, festive 4th, and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with you during regular business hours on Wednesday, July 5.

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