Customer Challenge

VSM Engineering, LLC is a certified DBE, WBE and SLBE professional civil engineering firm that provides general civil engineering services for capital projects to clients in public and private sectors. VSM decided to make the switch to ATG from another reseller due to the lack of personalization and training resources. “We previously paid $1000 for training with another reseller, which was a lot of money for my firm of seven.”

Project Goals

“I received a call from Josh Belden, Account Executive, explaining the type of services and partnership we would develop by switching our AEC Collection and AutoCAD Civil 3D seats over to ATG,” said Valerie McCaw, President of VSM Engineering, LLC.


  1. Switch AEC Collection and AutoCAD Civil 3D seats to ATG
  2. Receive valuable, personalized training
  3. Save time and money


“When ATG offered the assistance of AEC Technical Specialist Jason Artley, it was a huge time-saver that accelerated our workflows. We utilized the LIVE360 training, which allowed us to revisit the trainings.” Jason explained, “I created a customized Civil 3D template that focused on workflows for a project VSM was working on, along with layers and object styles to help automate their design process. It was a really cool thing to be a part of, considering their entire firm utilized it.”

Business Outcomes

“Josh also helped explain to us that the AEC Collection was perfect for automating engineering. We were encountering some issues with drafters not understanding the engineering side of the software and the AEC Collection resolved this problem in a way that was time-efficient and immediately profitable for us,” McCaw said.


“The value add-ons that I have received from ATG, whether it’s the software, Global eTraining or Team Augmentation services make me feel like I have a true partner in helping my firm grow. ATG is an excellent choice for an Autodesk Platinum reseller,” said McCaw.

“I feel like I can virtually go down the hall to ATG and get the help I need. I’ve partnered with firms before and it’s nothing like the personal connection we have with ATG.”
Valerie McCaw, P.E. DWRE, CFM, ENV, SP

President, VSM Engineering, LLC.

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