Blog: Bluebeam Revu 20 Launch

Bluebeam is set to launch its latest version, Revu 20. This new release makes it easier than ever for your team to get more done together with new user and content management capabilities for greater flexibility and control, as well as enhanced markup tools to help you better manage your project data.

  • Improved Collaboration capabilities
  • Improved Communication and task efficiency

Collaboration is the key to success on any project. In Revu, you can use studio which enables document management and real-time collaboration. For those who did not know, Studio is free with every version of Revu.  There are two parts to Studio: Studio Projects, and Studio Sessions. Studio Projects gives you a single centralized location to store documents, and even entire building projects in the cloud. Studio Sessions lets project teams review, markup, and comment on the same document simultaneously and instantaneously. Regular Session users save nine additional minutes per day, which means $1.3m extra annual savings per 1000 users.

Click here to watch informative videos on Studio in Revu.

Revu 20 improves upon the core usability in Studio, allowing you to adopt this feature seamlessly into your workflow. This improves flexibility and control, allowing you to save time when setting up a session and reduce risk by giving you more control of the user access and permissions.

Flexibility and Control

If the page scale is known and you are certain no scaling has occurred during the PDF creation process, you can input a page scale manually.

  • Easily invite multiple collaborators all at once with a new invite window
  • See who was invited to a Session/ Project and who has not attended/ Joined
  • See all the sessions and Projects you have been invited to
  • Assign Sessions and Projects access settings as part of the setup process

Communication and task efficiencies are two cornerstones of Revu. With this release, Revu 20 keeps a leading edge on markup technology with improved Markup, measurement, and Markup List tools. This allows users to increase their productivity. The Callout received a huge improvement – previously a user could only add an additional leader by right clicking and selecting “add leader.” This only added a leader to one side where your existing leader was. With the updated feature, you can now add a leader to any side of the Callout.  There is also a new text box shape (that I have personally wanted) which is the hexagon. Previously you only had square, rectangle, and triangle.

Measurements have been upgraded with the ability to give them a different line style from either the default or custom ones you have created. Next is adding valuable insights to your data, which makes this release worth looking at. If you did not know, all your Markups store metadata with them, and this data can be located in your Markups List Panel which is located by default in the lower left corner in Revu 18-20. There is also a new tool finder which will help you maximize your productivity by finding the exact tool you need.

Communication and Task Efficiency

  • More effective management of project data: Easier access to Markup data through enhancements to the Markups List.  This will allow you to effectively track, manage and interpret data captured on your drawings and documents to inform project decisions.
  • ​Better communication through improvements to some of the most widely used Markups, such as Callout and Textbox.
  • ​Improvements to our measurement tools, including new line styles, that allow you to save time and ensure accuracy when taking measurements throughout the duration of your project.
  • Additional improvements
  • Easier access to functionality with a new tool finder.
  • Time savings with faster loading and interacting with Markup-heavy documents.

Revu 20 is set to release on August 18, 2020 (For customers in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India) and August 19 (For customers in APAC). Now, if you have an older version of Revu, I suggest you investigate upgrading and subscribing for maintenance so you can always keep your software up to date allowing for free product upgrades.

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