For several years now, Autodesk users have had to rely on 3rd party vendors to be able to perform swept vehicle path analysis and similar tasks. Software like AutoTurn was used as well as a few other competing products. Some of these vendors provided different functionality in separate modules. For example, one of these vendors provides a program for vehicle path analysis that covers wheeled vehicles, another module for aircraft, another module for light rail vehicles, and yet another module for parking lot layout and design. Some vendors provide additional modules or all inclusive packages. Thanks to a recent acquisition by Autodesk, their users no longer have to look outside of Autodesk for this type of functionality.

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking contains several “modules built into one package. When installed on an AutoCAD-based platform such as Civil 3D, it comes in as a Ribbon tab entitled “Vehicle Tracking”, as shown in the graphic below.


 This new package gives users the functionality of swept vehicle path analyses for wheeled vehicles, light rail vehicles, and aircraft. Additionally, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking has parking lot tools to automate the process of parking lot layout and design. The bottom line benefits are obvious:  1. The solution is from Autodesk, so that eliminates the need to bring a 3rd party company into the picture. 2. There are multiple functions in one package that some solutions require multiple modules to be purchased to get the same functionality. 3. The cost for this complete package is very attractive when compared to competitive products. In short, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking provides a lot of functionality, in a familiar environment, at a great price!