by Joseph Duff
Infrastructure Technical Specialist, ATG USA

I recently presented Autodesk University in Las Vegas, and had the chance to experience first-hand what Autodesk and its industry partners are seeing as the Future of Making Things. I wanted to share a few of the highlights of what I saw as well as some of my thoughts regarding the awesome technologies making the future a reality in 2017 for the AEC industry. This will be a two-part blog post. Today, I want to focus on the Future of Making Things aspect of AU.


The topic everyone wanted to talk about was Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), more commonly referred to as drones. 3DR was front and center showing off one of the most accurate technologies for gathering aerial photos and creating existing topographical terrain data. ATG recently partnered with 3DR to become a UAV reseller, and I had the opportunity to see first-hand 3DR’s SOLO in flight along with the incredible integration capabilities between SiteScan and ReCap 360 Pro.

Their abilities to produce aerial photos and photogrammetry terrain data at greater accuracy when being collected in the field is quickly becoming a must-have tool in the Construction space going forward. In fact, ATG will host a series of lunch and learn events in January around UAVs – stay tuned.

I sat at a round-table discussion regarding drones and the drone industry during which we discussed best practices for obtaining aerial photos and photogrammetry data. The discussion centered around properly setting expectations for delivery of drone data, along with some industry best practices. Having the opportunity to discuss where the industry is headed for drones and being able to discuss in great detail what they’re seeing around the country was one of the most valuable experiences I had at AU.

As I mentioned earlier, drones were everywhere. As such, many of the sessions I attended were drone-centric. One of the more informative classes profiled UAV usage as a design tool for obtaining data and what the workflows look like in regard to bringing that data into your current design processes. With ATG moving forward with our partnership with 3DR, these classes will prove valuable for our business partners going in the new year.


Check back soon for Part 2 – AU from an Infrastructure view.

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