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Finally for those of us with extended design teams is a tool they have been waiting for, connects project data, communication, and your entire project.

This comes from a Autodesk Labs and live beta testing.

We have been looking for a long time to have ways to collaborate with architects, engineers and contractors outside our local network without the need to send models out periodically to the design team. Current methods require hardware and software as WAN accelerators with significant investment in IT infrastructure.  This new Autodesk 360 cloud offering is accomplished with the storage of the central file model and other data in the cloud. The cloud is an offsite server farm hosted by Autodesk.

After subscribing to A360 Collaboration for Revit, Project Managers can add members from outside to join and provide and connect with other central files. Other team members need to have an account that can be subscribed by monthly or yearly fees and be invited to join projects.

What’s more you can communicate with other members of the design team design changes in real-time live chat with sending images so that ideas and changes get picked up rapidly.

Come look at this from here at Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit.