ATG Webinar on 6/13 at 12 PM CDT: CTC BIM Family Processor: Fix Your Families In Your Sleep with AEC Technical Specialist Jon Atkinson

Join Jon for a webinar that will discuss all of the tasks that you will need to know to process thousands of families while you sleep. With Family Processor, it’s easy to automate a myriad of changes to each family in your library from parameter changes and adding formulas to simple version upgrades. You’ll see why Family Processor is the one tool a BIM Manager can’t live without.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how to use the Family Processor to update or fix all of your families.
Learn how to add or swap parameters.
Learn how to pull information from good families you already have.
Learn how to add or change formulas in your families.
Learn how to save your settings files for later use.

ATG Webinar on 6/13 at 2 PM CDT: Corridor Productivity Pack  with AEC Technical Specialist Kyle Groves

Join ATG for an in-depth look at the Corridor Productivity Pack, a content bundle filled with custom Subassemblies. These subassemblies make designing with Corridors much more user friendly. Their primary benefit is allowing users to customize most Codes, which allows for dynamic labeling, automatically create Feature Line creation and standardization of the Survey and Design teams’ lingo inside Civil 3D.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the limitations of the OTB Subassemblies.
Learn how to use Codes to customize the look and labeling of your Corridors in Plan and Section view.
Learn how to use custom Codes to quantify your Corridor Design.
Learn to automate the LinktoMarkPoint workflow of urban boulevard design using the SidewalkWithBlvdFromROW custom Subassembly.

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