In this webinar, AEC Technical Specialist Preston Long will cover What’s New in BIM 360. Join ATG for this webinar on Tuesday, July 10 at 12 PM CST.
The agenda for this webinar includes:
What’s new in BIM 360?
– consolidation of BIM 360 products

BIM 360 Docs
– Introducing Document Sets
– Using Sets in BIM 360 Docs

BIM 360 Field Management
– Ability to run checklists within the web environment
– Ability to define non-conforming values within the Checkbox & Multiple Choice Response Type

BIM 360 Model Coordination
– Creating a Coordination Space

BIM 360 Project Management
– Export RFI detailed report to PDF
– Export Submittal package detailed report to PDF
– Export Submittals registry report to PDF
– Import Submittal item from Excel
– Expand RFI’s Manager permissions – allow to modify Title and Question on OPEN status
– Send email notification to RFI’s co-reviewers and distribution list
– RFIs “Attachments” tab
– Expand Submittal supported attachment formats – any format
– Added “Reviewed” and “Reviewed as Noted” Submittal response types
– Project Management Learn Panel launched

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