Mandy Breckenridge, AIA, ATG Team Augmentation Specialist is hosting a Revit webinar titled, “Let’s Talk Tags” on Tuesday, June 19 at 12 PM CST. Join Mandy as she walks through the new tools and changes to Revit that came in the 2019 release, including:

•Overall what’s new in Revit 2019
•Items introduced in the most recent 2018 upgrades that pre-date the 2019 version release
•And a few things that have been in Revit for a while, but that are often overlooked.

About Mandy: Mandy was Senior Project Architect with Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects in Little Rock, Ark., before joining ATG USA. She has 13 years of architecture coordination and production experience, and 10 years of Revit production experience (including Family and Template Creation). She brings a breadth of general architectural knowledge and construction detail expertise to our group.