What does the future of design and technology look like for the Construction sector? Think Virtual Reality – it’s not just for Architects anymore.


“Virtual reality (VR) as an aid to architects is a growing trend, but the most profound effect may be on construction. VR gives construction professionals a more faithful representation than what they typically get on text-based schedules (like Gantt charts) and 3-D graphical data (like BIM models).

With VR, general contractors will be able to virtually walk onto a job site and see what it will look like the following week. Once immersed in the data, they will be able to point out issues, resolve differences and coordinate changes—before the future site is real. Workers will also be able to do practice runs.

The implications of this shift—transporting construction managers and workers into a different way of relating to their data—will be massive savings of time and money, as well as preventing mistakes and accidents.”


ATG recognized early last year that the Future of Design was here. We rolled out custom Google Cardboard VR viewers for our business partners, and have been encouraging everyone from high school students to retired Architects to play with and become familiar with VR at this very basic level. Now, we’re seeing our business partners embracing Virtual Reality in the design process through simplified workflows from Revit to Autodesk Revit Live.

Suffice it to say, the Future of Design is for everyone.

Additional technology predictions for the Construction section can be found on the jump. For more information on ATG’s Google Cardboard campaign or to snag a pair of Viewers, contact your Account Executive today.