ATG had the opportunity to work with Bernhard TME, and assist their team with completing a new campus for Arkansas Children’s Northwest. One of the primary takeaways for ATG was ensuring the success of the combined design teams, contractors, subcontractors, and general contractors. Additionally, this was one of first projects at ATG where we were able to invite the client in to participate via Virtual Reality. ATG loaded the model and created the ability to walk through for the designers. This allowed project members to see what their physical model looked like. ATG was able to help find some issues in the design model and make changes that could be adjusted in coordination with time lines.

 In Their Own Words

The completion time on this project was about 18-20 months on the construction side. The total project time was about 2 years from onset to completion. The structural package went out much earlier than other projects Arkansas Children’s Northwest had done in the past. Between the use of Collaboration for Revit in the Design phase, and the use of BIM 360, the BIM work-flow helped speed the process up by at least 6-8 months. In the past, project managers had to exchange dozens of PDFs, then the owner had to decide which ones they want, draft them into their system, find that list of assets they want to track, categorize them, and know what attributes they want to pull from all of that data. With Collaboration for Revit, ATG was able to support this and keep all team members on track.

Why ATG?

“We were able to get our contractors on board, and they were able to start looking at our models earlier than past projects. This was an opportunity to try something different because of the fast-paced schedule. Arkansas Children’s Hospital was very pleased with the outcome.” -Mark Mergenschroer, BIM Application Specialist, Bernhard TME.

“Thanks to ATG, we were able to utilize Collaboration for Revit so everyone could see the process unfold without the constant file transfer process.”

Mark Mergenschroer

BIM Application Specialist, Bernhard TME

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