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Array Architects are a team of architects and designers with unique backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common; they share a strong desire to use their expertise and knowledge to design solutions that will help people in moments that matter most. Together, they discover optimal solutions with their clients. It is with four decades of specializations that allows Array Architects to produce effective communication, collaboration and precision in their complex, changing world of healthcare. Array exists to provides remarkable, strategy-driven, business-justified solutions for their healthcare clients. 

Tools Used Inside BIM Manager Suite

“I have been using CTC Express Tools for a few years now and they are a huge time saver. I’m the BIM Manager at Array and I would not be able to complete my BIM duties in a timely fashion without them,” said Michael Ryley. I was given the task of adding 56 parameters to each of our 600 door families and I honestly though I would be retired by the time I got to the last door. By using the BIM Manager Suite tool, I was able to not only remove existing parameters but also add 56 parameters in seconds. I was also able to push these changes from one family to an entire library. It was magic. I also used the Project Cleaner tool to eliminate unwanted views, sheets and links prior to sending the model to consultants. Family Tools was extremely helpful when it came to deleting all back up files on a network drive so I was able to pick and choose which files I wanted to keep.”


BIM Manager Suite contains extremely powerful tools designed to help BIM administrators improve the efficiency, accuracy and depth of BIM management tasks. The intuitive interfaces and workflow-based processes of each tool can eliminate hours of tedious BIM management work with each use. This allows you to dig deeper into projects, families and parameters to find common problems and inaccuracies. “The incredible support we receive from ATG with these tools is excellent. Working with this software makes looking for any Revit family a breeze, said Michael.”

“The incredible support we receive from ATG with these tools is excellent. Working with this software makes looking for any Revit family a breeze.”

Michael Ryley

BIM Manager, Array Architects

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