How aerial data capture helped this Construction firm simplify workflows

PCL Construction broke ground in January on a 7.3 acre lagoon project in Tampa, Fla. The project – a first-of-its-kind undertaking the United States – will anchor a development of more than 2,000 homes and a 100 acre golf course before it’s all said and done. Developers are already seeing the potential of the massive development: weddings, corporate events, water sports, play areas, all along side upscale homes.   And while the lagoon is unique, upscale housing developments are pretty common these days. What makes this project especially unique is how PCL partnered with 3DR to survey the lagoon, and to track their QA/QC process. What really drew the PCL crew to the team at 3DR was the way using SiteScan plus Autodesk’s cloud process simplifies the workflows.   “What it came down to, for us, was the simplified workflow, the support we received from 3DR, and the scalability of the product. We also liked using both 3DR hardware and software, along with the integration that 3DR has with Autodesk in cloud processing,”  PCL’s Bill Bennington said.   Other key factors in PCL’s decision to move to aerial survey for this project included:

  • Number and Precision of data points: A typical survey collects a limited amount of precise points, usually around 15–20. With Site Scan, PCL was able to collect millions of precise points in a fraction of the time a regular survey would take.
  • Better Quality Control: a 7.5 acre lagoon is a lot of territory to cover on foot for Quality Control purposes. The team at PCL was fly the site in much less time with more frequency and accuracy, keeping the project on track.
  • Easy client update: Pulling those data points from the Quality Control side frequently made regular client meetings easier.

  ATG’s partnership with 3DR is making Aerial Data Capture for Construction firms a viable option. The 3DR Solo Site Scan package – which comes with a seat of Autodesk ReCap Pro – holds and affordable pricetag, but if your firm is unsure of what the 3DR can really do, let ATG do the work so you can see watch the 3DR Solo shine. We offer services around Aerial Data Capture. Contact your Account Executive or ATG Marketing Director Jamie Moody for more information on what we can do to help simplify your data capture workflows.

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