4 Time Saving Tools for Pipe Design in Civil 3D

Existing tools and methods for editing and labeling pipe networks natively in Civil 3D tend to be time-consuming and tedious, especially when dealing with larger networks. With user-friendly and easy-to-use tools created specifically for these workflows, you can streamline the design and adjustment of pipe networks in Civil 3D, all while saving time and reducing user error on every project. 

Parts Swapper

This tool allows the user to select and replace multiple pipes and structures, or entire networks, using a single dialogue function. Network parts may be selected from both plan and profile views. Once the replacement selections are made, referencing existing parts lists within the drawing, all selected parts are updated with a single click. 

Pipe Planner

Pipe Planner includes two easy-to-use functions for advanced network editing and reporting.

Edit/Export Pipe Networks

This function is used for exporting pipe network information from Civil 3D to an in-application, fully customizable spreadsheet for modification. This can be exported to Excel for further processing and reporting functions.

edit and export pipe networks

Import Spreadsheet

This tool allows network information from external spreadsheets/Excel to be imported back to Civil 3D and automatically update parts and properties of pipe networks.

import spreadsheet

Pipe Designer

The Pipe Designer tool allows users to select a partial or entire pipe network run as well as edit slopes and elevations from an in-app customizable spreadsheet. Rule-based edits, slope interpolations, and min/max coverage requirements are also featured.

pipe designer

Parts Tagger

Parts Tagger enables mass editing of structure attributes, descriptions, and referenced surfaces or alignments. These would otherwise be edited individually within Civil 3D.

pipe designer


These tools were created by, and for, real-world daily CAD users, expanding the limits of Civil 3D’s capabilities and adding satisfaction to the production process through streamlined information management. These are just a portion of the CTC productivity power pack available through ATG. Supply your production team with the best tools available and outperform the competition – reach out to us today for a demo!


Stephen Beveridge

Civil Technical Specialist

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