This little feature improvement takes cutting solids to a new level!

Solid-Solid Cut

Solid-solid cut

Revit 2011 Solid-solid Cut

In Revit 2010, cutting solid geometry could only be done using a void form. When a solid and a void form intersect, the void form automatically cuts out geometry from the solid form. This doesn’t satisfy the need to preserve the geometry that is cut into by other geometry.The Solid-Solid cut workflow is an enhancement of the existing functionality available in the Revit 2010 conceptual design tools. In Revit Architecture Constellation, the Cut tool (Modify tab >Edit Geometry panel > Cut drop-down > Cut Geometry) can cut out one solid from another. The resulting form is not a geometric combination (as it happens when a solid is cut with a void). When the Cut tool is used on 2 solid forms, the result is separate geometry.

Solid in center before cutting.

Before applying cut, solid at center cutting into main solid.

Solid in center before cut though solid.

After applying cut, main solid being cut.

Try this out and start looking for creative methods to use this modeling tool!

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  1. This feature doesn’t seem to be available in the educational version. The cut geometry tool only allows you to select a void to cut a solid. Or maybe it just doesn’t work in some family templates.

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