Parametric Constraints …the Series. PART 2

The 2D parametric functionality in AutoCAD 2011 has been enhanced, and includes predefined command macros to access options within in the GEOMCONSTRAINT and DIMCONSTRAINT commands automatically for you. For example, instead of launching the GEOMCONSTRAINT command and then selecting the perpendicular option, you can launch the GCPERPENDICULAR command directly all in one step. Repeating the last command automatically repeats the last command as well as the specific option, so this will help in speeding up the process. Object highlighting; when you roll over an icon on a constraint bar or when you select a parameter in the Parameters manager supports the Visual Effects settings you specify on the Selection tab of the Options dialog box (dashed and thickened by default), so it make it easy to see what constraints are assigned to what objects. Additional improvements to geometric and dimensional constraint functionality enable you to create and edit parametrically constrained geometry faster than ever before.

Parametric Drawings …the Series. PART 1

I have had a lot of clients (mostly in manufacturing) lately that are looking at constraints in AutoCAD as the answer to be able to control drawing geometry not only for accuracy, but to assist them in quick changes by editing existing content, or to create new similar content without having to worry about losing the original shape and intent of the design. In some cases I found that some of the designers have less than 15 minutes to change a shop drawing  to reflect the new sizes with the updated dimensions before they need to move on to the next client, and that this is a typical every day operation. They are also very adamant about using AutoCAD to accomplish this. So in light of these new requests, let’s start with a brief intro of by utilizing Parametric Constraints.